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We are a member of the SSO

What we offer

General check-up and consultation

We recommend having regular check-ups. X-rays allow us to examine parts of the tooth which are invisible to the naked eye. In addition, the consultation enables us to discuss possible findings and to ensure an optimal solution.

Dental hygiene and prophylaxis

One’s own dental hygiene makes the greatest contribution to a long term healthy oral and dental situation. Our team is happy to support you and give tips and tricks in order to achieve efficient oral hygiene. Complimentary to the daily care, professional tooth cleaning is recommended at regular intervals.

Dental restoration therapy/ tooth cleaning measures

It is paramount to treat the hard tooth substance gently. Adhesive technology and tooth coloured filling materials (composite and ceramics / Cerec) allow us to follow this principle.

Treatment of children (Paediatric dentistry)

It is important to us that your child has a good impression of the first visit to the dentist. Additionally, we would like to encourage and promote dental prophylaxis. You can help us achieve this goal by visiting us with your child from an early age (from 4 years and upwards). These visits should then become as habitual and stress free as possible.


Please contact our reception in case of emergencies. We will try and find an appointment as soon as possible. At the weekends and public holidays the emergency dental service within the area can be reached for a consultation via the telephone number 084 826 12 61.

Dental surgery

Oral surgery enables us to prolong the life expectancy of the tooth (e.g. apicoectomy/root end surgery/ root resection) or to remove a possible area of infection (e.g. wisdom teeth) and therefore prevent possible complications and problems. Every surgical intervention will be accompanied by local anaesthesia to prevent possible pain or discomfort.

Root canal treatment (Endodontics)

Teeth with large carious defects can be saved with a root canal treatment as a last resort. Root canal treatment eliminates the infection within the tooth and neighbouring bone and prevents further infection.

Periodontal treatment (Periodontics)

Periodontal therapy can be seen as an extended professional tooth cleaning between the tooth surface and the diseased gums. The aim of the therapy is to reinforce the self-healing/ self-recovery and to obtain an optimal oral situation which then allows normal tooth cleaning at home. Periodontal therapy is often quite time intense and requires a lot of motivation and compliance from the patient. We will support and help you throughout this therapy.

Tooth replacements (prosthetic dentistry)

There are different ways to replace missing teeth: crowns and bridges or removable partial or complete dentures. The best treatment for the patient can be discussed in a conversation. From 2022, we can offer you implant solutions.

Jaw & masticatory disorders (Myoarthropathy)

Temporomandibular dysfunctions and tension in the muscles of mastication can not only affect the teeth but also cause problems around the head and shoulder region. We will try and find the best possible therapy and if needed, consult an osteopath in complex situations.

Bleaching/ aesthetic corrections

White teeth and a beautiful smile- a more and more sought after request. But there is more to bleaching than meets the eye. Therefore, a preliminary consultation is needed where expectations and possible risks can be discussed extensively.


med. dent. Martin Schneebeli

MAS in Parodontologie Uni ZH

Martin Schneebeli leads his dental office here in Bremgarten since December 2011. He received his degree in dentistry in Basel in 2006 and spent his residency in Muri AG. He attended a Master in Paradontology during three years, and he got the diploma in 2018. Implantology Course at the Oral Implantology Society (2023).

He is a member of the Swiss dental association SSO and consequently has to commit to the quality and continual professional development guide lines.

Languages: German, Spanish, Italian, English and French.


med. dent. Caroline Lutz Guzman

Caroline Lutz Guzman received her degree in dentistry in Zürich in 2019. Basic modul “Auric acupuncture/RAC- controlled Acupuncture” SACAM. She is member of the Swiss dental association SSO.

She works in our team part time since 2020.

Languages: German and Spanish (mother tongue), English and French.

Diana Frey

Prophylaxe assistant

Edith Esqueda

Dental assistant

Donjeta Zukaj

Dental assistant

Ana Stojmenovska

Dental assistant in apprenticeship

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